The mother-in-laws trip continues!!!

Due to circumstances, I haven´t been able to write for some time. But I´m back and I will keep it up. We had only one night in Seattle and early the next morning a taxi took us to the King street station. Amtrack CascadesA beautiful old building, almost like a theatre. Built between 1904 and 1906, it served the Great Northern Railways and  Northern Pacific Railway from its grand opening on May 10, 1906, until the creation of Amtrak on May 1, 1971. We were in good time and talked to other beautiful stationpeople waiting for the train. Some of them had been on a cruise and had a LOT of luggage. They asked were we came from and how long we were going to travel. Their chins dropped down to the belly when we told them 3 to 6 weeks, and with only ONE suitcase and ONE knapsack each!!!!!! Well, by not going on a cruise we didn´t have to bring evening outfits or other special things. ready to goThis was repeated a few times during the trip. Finally we got aboard and found our seats. Amtrak Cascades started in Oregon and goes up to Vancouver. Our trip was to last four hours.

It took us along the coast, very close indeed, sometimes it felt like we were on a ferry train or ferryinstead of a train. We discovered that we should have brought our on food; what the restaurant offered wasn´t very tasty. We past the border and then it wasn´t very long before we arrived in Vancouver.


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