Seattle a surprize

SunportWe went in due time to Sunport, the airport in ABQ, had coffee with Christy, my daughter, said goodbye and headed for the security. It was worse than Washington DC!!! As always when you stand in a line and have a schedule time is flying. At the same time we couldn´t help laughing because both of us are travelling a lot and we ought to have known. Specially me who had been there before. Anyhow, we made it to the flight and after a few hours we landed in Seattle.

skyline seattleWe decided to take the shuttle bus to the centre and then eventually a cab to the hotel. But the cabdrivers smiled and told us; it is only four blocks, you walk faster than we drive. So we did. Downhill to start with and the last 250 m uphill. None of us hade been to Seattle so we hade booked a city tour in the afternoon. A little bus came to pick us up and the driver was also the guide. Chris and our guide His voice would have been great in a church or a theatre. Loud and clear, with an undertone of maybe a good cigar or a whisky. He made a few complaints about the traffic as we had to pick up a few more people and it took a while. Then he took us uphill – downhill, from beautiful villa areas to the

corner marketold market and the houseboats. A different housing but very interesting. After 3,5 hours we had learned a lot about Seattle and also used the only afternoon we had there in a good way. We asked in the hotel for a restaurant nearby and it turned out that there was an Italian place only 10 min walk from where we stayed.

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