The mother – in – laws adventure in USA and Canada

I wrote about our adventure during the trip, but in Swedish and I promised Chris that I would do it in English as well.

We have done a few shorter trips together, both in Australia and in Sweden but when Chris mentioned Canada when we talked in the spring I asked if she wanted a travel companion. And she did! Lucky me!  I have had a dream for years about visiting British Columbia and the Rockies. So we started planning. A lot of mails with ideas and quite a few calls before we had it all settled. Now, my oldest daughter lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico (in the U.S.) so I asked Chris if she would like to spend a few days there before Canada. On Aug.22  I landed in ABQ in the evening and the next day Chris arrived after a very long flight from Melbourne via Sydney and LA to ABQ.

map-of-new-mexicoNew Mexico is a special place. Most people still thinks it is in Mexico. And it is not really a place you think about visiting in the first place. ABQ has an old town that makes you feel like entering a western movie from the fifties. East of the city is the Sandia mountain, it means the watermelon mountain and beside it the Manzana, the apple mountain. When the sun sets the mountains  glow red and it is really beautiful. Sandia

Old TownWe did an old town walking  tour and the very same evening a ghost tour together with the whole family.

We took the tramway up to the top of the mountain, tramway

we went to a number of good restaurants, we visited the Kenpo Karate club where the whole family is training and we even manage to go swimming! We spend five days exploring the area, Indian Pueblo Centrefrom the Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre to the Balloon Fiesta museum and the time was flying. The last day we washed and packed. It was warm and pleasant, it rained a little and we could have stayed much longer. But as my granny always said: ” If you don´t leave you can´t come back..”    Balloon Fiesta Museum

Next stop was Seattle, another flight and another day……….

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