Sweden Princess Lilian dies aged 97

lilianWelch-born Lilian met Prince Bertil in London during World War II. However, they faced objections to their relationship because of the prince’s obligations to the throne and Lilian’s status as a divorced commoner. They had to wait until 1976 to get married.

Princess Lilian was born Lilian Davies in Swansea in August 1915 and moved to London at a young age to follow a modelling career. She was married to actor Ivan Craig when she met Prince Bertil in London in 1943. She divorced her British husband two years later.

It took more than 30 years before they could marry – when they both had reached their sixties. Prince Bertil’s father, King Gustaf VI Adolf, refused to give his blessing for the couple to get married. The prince’s elder brother died in a plane crash in 1947 and another brother had also married a commoner, giving up his right to the throne. Bertil was next in line to the throne until his nephew came of age. Carl Gustaf eventually became king in 1973.

The couple has been described in the media as a real-life Cinderella story.

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