Elderly people

Every year, the number of elderly people increases in both developed and developing countries, thanks to modern medicine’s genius for pushing back the frontiers of death. Is longevity necessarily a good thing?

The fact is, most people who live into their 90s die after ‘an extended period of disability’. We are, however, healthier than ever at 67, it is going to be the case at 87 and 97.

Besse Cooper, 116th birthday

Besse Cooper, 116th birthday

When Besse Cooper died last December at 116, she was the world’s oldest living person. According to reports she was in amazing health and never complained of being in pain. She lived an active life and refused to eat junk food. On her last day she had a large breakfast, had her hair set and enjoyed watching a Christmas video with friends. She then died peacefully in the early afternoon.

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