New Year around the world

new yearFirst out tomorrow is Christmas Island/Kiribati and Samoa at 1100h CET followed by New Zealand, parts of Russia and islands in the Pacific,  Australia from 1400h until 1615h. That’s when we start celebrating with the family  in Bendigo and Bairnsdale. New Years eve on the beach with picnic ….. could be an alternative! Passing Far East, India, the Orient from 1600h until 2200h CET then Europe is entering 2013. But it doesn´t end there.  Iceland, West Africa, Brazil, Argentina, the Caribbean and the U.S also with several time zones. At 0800h CET on jan1st it it time to call  on Albuquerque, N.M. Finally at noon jan1st the last ones to jump on the wagon are American Samoa, Midway Islands/U.S.A. and Niue.

Chinese New Year is on feb10th and it will be the year of the snake. Nowruz, Persian New Year is Wednesday March 20, 2013, 14:31:56 PM.      

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