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Laugh 1After watching Betty White´s Off their Rockers on Saturday, followed by The proposal I was exhausted. It must be very healthy to have at least one night a week filled with laughter. I remember having read about someone who got very ill but cured himself by watching comedies during a long period of time. We ought to ask our doctors to prescribe having fun, instead of more pills we could get a free movie- or a theatre ticket. There should also be special nurses doing make up, dressing and information about where to have fun!

Imagine going to your clinic and get a “new look” without a knife and recovering weeks! The physician comes out and invites you for a dance into his office. Laugh 3You get two movie tickets and one for a musical in town. There is always at least one nurse or doctor present in the movie in case you laugh yourself silly or drop dead not catching the air. What a wonderful way to go! The remaining giggles come out when the undertaker is dressing your “leftover body”  while you raise for new adventures!

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