Another teenager ….

What happened to the little grandchildren to whom I was reading bedstories? Or hiding under the kitchen table pretending we were in a cave ? Number four turned 13 yesterday! Last week I made a comment about my children aging…. I didn´t get as far as to myself. Better not, I may enter in a state of chock. “You are not older that you feel!”  If that is true I´m younger than my children. Better: “ you are as old as your tongue and a little older than your teeth!” Provided you have any left.

Rico, with whom I share the interest in old aircrafts, got a gift certificate for a ride over his hometown Albuquerque, N.M. in an old Douglas C-47. Wish I was there!!!


    Maybe the offer stands for my next visit! Your Mormor (swedish for Granny) will never be to old for adventures!


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